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Audio clips from various NAS Séances and lectures

From two Colin Fry séances allegedly with Lord Dowding and Kenneth Williams communicating.

Stewart Alexander NAS seminar seance of his famous ‘matter thro matter’ experiment.

James Webster had practised as a stage illusionist with the honour of being accepted as an Inner Member of the Magic Circle. So as a Spiritualist with signinicant experience of the paranormal, he was in a unique postion to discuss the differences between real phenomena and the attempts by illusionists to emulate it as entertainment.”

Veteran medium Ivy Scott speaking on her experiences of physical mediumship at a NAS seminar on 27th January 1993. Venue, the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall.

Track 1  00:00    Introduction and Transfiguration.

           2  08:14    John Lovette, physical medium

           3  13:41    James Gardner, physical medium

           4   30:31    William Olsen, physical medium

           5    56:55    Questions