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August 1990 to December 2004


The Society’s Mission Statement was:

A Worldwide Educational Society for the Promotion,

Development and Safe Practice of Physical Mediumship


A substantial database of Physical Mediumship phenomena covering the 1930s to the beginning of the 21st Century. For this era, this may well be the largest collection of articles and reports on séance room phenomena in existence. As well as educational value for Spiritualists there is significant material for academic research into the phenomena and psychology of physical mediumship. The hundreds of experiential reports may offer scope for observational error analysis between experienced and non-experienced participants in physical séances.


Edited and additional material by Lew Sutton I.Eng MIET GSSNU

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Private addresses and phone numbers have been removed from this database in order to comply with European legislation which came into force May 2018. Although the Journals were originally available to purchase by the general public, and so are already in the public domain, this data is republished in a different format and so subject to current legislation. Contact details in commercial adverts have been mainly retained, but members offering a service to members on a low-cost basis have been removed.

A special thank you to Lew Sutton for his extremely hard work and dedication in scanning, indexing and making these journals available.

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